My Hate List

I hate many things, but these are the top ten.

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Finding Your Crowd


You see, you have to be in the right crowd to become fully expressive.

Find someone/people that have the same amount of crazy as you have.

How do you talk about profound stuff with someone that’s interested in mundane matters? It would be a chore. You can’t cast your pearl to swine, you know.

I love graceful music. I feel music is the painting you hear.

I loathe noisy sounds masking as music. I won’t be friends with someone that loves noisy stuff. They’d tell me, “you should listen to bubbly music.” Someone once told me that. Continue reading

Accepting Me…


I tell you who I am.
You don’t tell me who I am.

At the threshold of 25, I have lived long enough to know who I am.
I have experienced enough to tell anyone my own truth.
If I say I am stone, I am stone.
If I say I am fire, I am fire.

I have outgrown lying about myself for acceptance.
Not everyone should accept me; that would be asinine. Continue reading


Admitting that one has a problem is a step in solving it. On that note, I must admit to myself that I have a problem- I can’t hold a thought for a long time. In other words, I’m mentally restless. In addition to that, I cannot multi-task. I find it difficult reading and listen to music at the same time- I get carried away with one instrument; I get immersed in the lyrics. Continue reading