My Hate List

I hate many things, but these are the top ten.

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Finding Your Crowd


You see, you have to be in the right crowd to become fully expressive.

Find someone/people that have the same amount of crazy as you have.

How do you talk about profound stuff with someone that’s interested in mundane matters? It would be a chore. You can’t cast your pearl to swine, you know.

I love graceful music. I feel music is the painting you hear.

I loathe noisy sounds masking as music. I won’t be friends with someone that loves noisy stuff. They’d tell me, “you should listen to bubbly music.” Someone once told me that. Continue reading “Finding Your Crowd”


Accepting Me…


I tell you who I am.
You don’t tell me who I am.

At the threshold of 25, I have lived long enough to know who I am.
I have experienced enough to tell anyone my own truth.
If I say I am stone, I am stone.
If I say I am fire, I am fire.

I have outgrown lying about myself for acceptance.
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Phobia For Telling Guys You Like Them

Once upon a time, when I was “littler”, I had this insane crush on this music artiste. Boy! He sang so well. He played the guitar, too.

Now that I’m older, I like him. Despite the fact he publishes articles that ticks off most people. The truth is bitter and he dishes it out unapologetically on his column in that newspaper. Continue reading “Phobia For Telling Guys You Like Them”



Admitting that one has a problem is a step in solving it. On that note, I must admit to myself that I have a problem- I can’t hold a thought for a long time. In other words, I’m mentally restless. In addition to that, I cannot multi-task. I find it difficult reading and listen to music at the same time- I get carried away with one instrument; I get immersed in the lyrics. Continue reading “2015…”