Fuck Girl Starter Kit

So my friend, Bunmi, and I got talking about “The Fuck Girl Starter Kit”, and I we came up with points to make you the fuck girl other fuck girls look up to.
Here they are:

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Death Date

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Uganze decided to die on October 13th. Unlike other days, she felt a warm, twisted sort of happiness – it might have been fulfilment – when the sharp, rude alarm tone of her phone belligerently yanked her out of sleep. Albeit awake, she shut her eyes and took a deep, long breath, clearing her windpipe and filling her lungs till it ached. A small smile danced on her lips, forming creases on both sides of her mouth. She exhaled and stretched lazily like a lithe cat.

Grrrn! Grrrn!! The alarm tone had begun to irritate her. Gladly, that would be the last time it would wake her from sleep. She scrambled to the other side of the bed and picked the phone from the top of the bedside locker. 07:30 AM. She read to herself, smiled as if she had a secret with her phone, and swiped on the screen to disable the annoying sound. Knowing she was going to die on her terms, putting an end to her life-long misery, gratified her. Continue reading

The Hustle of Studs, Stemmes, and Femmes (2): Studs

This one is for studs. (I heard the difference between “stud” and “butch” is race.) I assume you already know what it means to be stud or butch. Here are the hustles listed below.

  1. “I can’t draw gen. We’ll have to wait for her to come over.” Your girlfriend and other girl friends believe you are some sort of handyman. Just when you thought y’all were all women. Why is life so hard?
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    “I am scandalised!”

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The Hustle of Studs, Stemmes, and Femmes (1): Femmes

(If you are reading this, I assume you know what these words – stud, stemme, and femme – mean.)

Being femme is not just about appearance, it is behavioural, too. Femmes embrace almost everything feminine as defined by patriarchy – all those heteronormative attributes: soft, gentle, sweet. A typical stud is easily drawn to femmes. Like moth and light. But there are buts, because some femmes do not want anything romantic to do with studs. They be like, “It would be too obvious that we are dating.”

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