(PODCAST) The Idea of Homophobic Feminists

This poddie addresses the issue of feminists who are homophobic.

It is weird, that they do not realise that the same thing causes sexism and homophobia. Continue reading


How LGBTQ+ Rights Intersect with Feminism (1): Lyrics From “Yentl” (1983)

Yentl (1983) explains how LGBTQ rights are interwoven with feminism. Barbra won a Golden Globe for “Best Director” for this movie in 1984. Yes, she directed, sang, acted, co-produced, and co-screenplayed. This movie meant something to her, and she poured herself into it.
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On this post, I’ll share lyrics of two songs from Yentl. To explain how sex/gender and sexuality are interwoven, I will write a review. This is a forerunner to that post. This would give the review some “perspective”.
Here is the first song – No Wonder, and I would love you to read the lyrics. If you can, please, watch the Youtube clips of the movie I have shared.

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Types of Feminists According to Hogwarts Houses

Personally, I hate labels. If sexists do not tag themselves sexists, why should feminists tag themselves feminists? But it is what it is. We are going to call you a feminist if you are feministing – if you believe everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities regardless of sex and gender.

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Here are types of feminists according to Hogwarts Houses. I am working on the assumption you have read or watched “Harry Potter”.  Continue reading

(Ficton, Short Story) Uganze Chooses Death

Uganze decided to die on Friday, October 13th. Living had become a painful chore. Death was a much-needed relief, a release, from her lifelong sadness

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There were times she found happiness. Or was it happiness that found her? She would take it in large doses hoping it would last longer than the last time. Nonetheless, inexplicable sorrow, which felt like an entity living within her, had so many mouths munching away at her happiness in large chunks leaving her empty. She was helpless: she could not fight it – the sadness that grew from ennui, later morphing into lethargy, only to contort itself into something malevolent, dastardly. She tried sharing space with it. This act of magnanimity ought to have made sadness show an iota of lenience. Instead, it draped layers and layers of its heavy cloak around her frail shoulders as it grew with her through the years. It was a painful emotional burden. Continue reading