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(Flash Fiction) Keeper

“Please, I want us to keep it,” Olise had pleaded with his hands clasped on her knees, while kneeling before her like a peon. Derisively, her gaze slowly travelled from his clammy palms to rest on his sweaty face. The disgust he saw in her eyes caused his chest to constrict in anguish.

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Should We Cancel Women Who Say They Are Not Feminist?

Betrayal tastes like vinegar mixed with coal. It sounds like fingertips scratching a chalkboard. Betrayal is when women do not espouse feminist ideals.  How does one internalise misogyny to the point of supporting ideas that reinforce one’s subjugation?  Continue reading

Who Is the Guy In Your Relationship?

In a same-sex relationship, there is no guy, there is no girl. It is just two humans in love with each other. You love a person’s mind, not necessarily  the sex organ.

(Plot twist: Hetero folks are not the only ones who vehemently hold on to gender roles.)

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Dear Christian God Letter

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Dear Christian God,

You know we have a relationship that no one understands. No one has to be privy to what’s going on between us. You see, I’m exasperated with many things I see and hear in the world that you created. They say you’ll question us on the last day but then, I have some questions for you. You might not answer me now. Maybe you’ll give me answers on the day you judge me. Nevertheless, I’ll ask these questions. Continue reading

Types of Feminists According to Hogwarts Houses

Personally, I hate labels. If sexists do not tag themselves sexists, why should feminists tag themselves feminists? But it is what it is. We are going to call you a feminist if you are feministing – if you believe everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities regardless of sex and gender.

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Here are types of feminists according to Hogwarts Houses. I am working on the assumption you have read or watched “Harry Potter”.  Continue reading