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From Ake, with Love…

The tears I’m holding back have gathered somewhere in my heart and now it’s heavy.

Haha! Drama Queen Strikes Again!

Well, I miss Ake.

Chitra (Girl crush) in black. Hehehe. A panel discussion. Photo credit Ake Festival Facebook

When Elile told me I was going to get friendsly at Ake, I rolled my eyes across the Milky Way. “I’m really shy. Forget what you think,” I sighed. Boy! She was right! Continue reading


The Thing with Bisexuality

Talking about prejudices, I have a thing “against” bisexual women.

Image result for bisexual black women

Haha! Inasmuch as human sexuality vacillates on a continuum, I’m not cool with “sexually fluid” women. All that chest pain! Imagine I had a bi- girlfriend! Haha! Not only is she likely to flirt with girls, she’d flirt with boys. That’s everybody!
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My “Unpopular Opinion” on Feminism

Feminism means different things to different people.

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Personally, when I think of feminism, I think of people being the best version of themselves without trying to be equal to anyone. We flatter men when we say women are trying to be equal to men. Haha! I want to be the best I can be and I am willing to take chances. In the absence of chances I am willing to create chances. 

When I think of feminism, I think of everyone having equal rights regardless of their sexes.

I think of everyone doing what they are capable of doing regardless of their sex.

I think of us, society, getting rid of gender double-standards and adjusting our concept of gender. Continue reading

Are Infrahumans (Lower Animals) Soulless?

When I think about it, we, humans, are too narcissistic. How do we imagine we have souls while claiming infrahumans (lower animal) are “soulless”? What is the proof they don’t have souls? Honestly, thinking we have souls is the source of the major problems we have in the world.

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Religion, not necessarily spirituality, came up due to people thinking there is an afterlife. Continue reading