A Play: A Priest and Scientist Sit at a Bar

(I promise this play is nothing like the Theatre of the Absurd, a la Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” (1952). I like to think this is less complicated. This play takes place in a cafe: La Monde. It is one scene about how a catholic priest and scientist can’t bring themselves to be on the same page. There are other characters who get a bit interested in their seemingly futile conversation. Please, read with an open mind. Very necessary.) Continue reading A Play: A Priest and Scientist Sit at a Bar

On Coping with Loss

(This post is an excerpt from my journal entry on June 10, 2019. I thought to share, because why not?)

When it comes to loss and grief, different people cope differently. We must find our own way(s) of coping via trial and error. And the manner of coping should not come from the ego’s desire to defend itself from pain. Ego defense devices are toxic, as they come from an illusion – the ego. Continue reading On Coping with Loss

[Short Story] Because of George.

November, 1990.

Agbor, Bendel State, Nigeria.

Nne Ndidi stared at the pulpit as the blond, bulky priest preached with his nasalized tenor. How his conscience allowed him to injure people with his ear-grating voice was beyond her. She was tired of him. How did anyone understand the spri-spri-spri he was rapidly spitting? If only a Nigerian who spoke Ika, or even central Igbo, could replace him!

She blinked her eyes, as though sending God a Morse Code for the priest’s immediate replacement. Continue reading [Short Story] Because of George.

Cherry-Picking Your Reality Is Possible!

(Before you commence reading this, I recommend you take relaxing breaths. Inhale for four seconds; hold for one second; gently exhale with your mouth for five seconds; hold for two seconds. As you exhale, allow your muscles to relax. Repeat this five times, or more if you desire. This would calm your mind. And try to forget the things you “know” as your mind engages with what you are about to read.) Continue reading Cherry-Picking Your Reality Is Possible!

What Fairy Tales Did Not Tell Us

All cultures have fairy tales, far-out stories that cannot happen in real life. These stories seek to throw light on different aspects of the society from which they originate. Where religion uses tall tales/myths to explore a culture’s idea of divinity, fairy tales uncover and explain different parts of the psyche. (Archetypal psychology talks more about this.)

In most fairy tales, the protagonist is the hero of the story, which is not always the case in real life. In real life, there are times you play the villain, or anti-hero, in your own story. (The protagonist is the leading character. Villain is “evil character.”) You don’t always have to be the good person in your story, y’know?

Remembering Joan of Arc, The Gender-Bending Woman Warrior Who ...
Joan of Arc was the protagonist of her story. But the men who killed her painted her a villain.

At times, good and evil is a matter of context. At times. But fairy tales did not tell us this and many other things highlighted below: Continue reading What Fairy Tales Did Not Tell Us

Avoiding the Age of Stagnation

“Your age of stagnation is whenever you stop growing. For most people, its when they get married, settle into a routine. You meet someone who loves you unconditionally and never challenges you, or wants you to change. Then you never change.” – Kelsey Jannings in Bojack Horseman.

Image result for meme of kelsey jannings bojack age of stagnation

Continue reading Avoiding the Age of Stagnation

Three Easy Steps to Conquering Procrastination

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Once upon a time, while journaling, I asked myself, “What is that thing I want to do less of and how do I make it happen?” “Procrastinating,” I wrote. And I came up with three easy ways to reduce its occurrence in my life. Here goes: Continue reading Three Easy Steps to Conquering Procrastination

Ten Tips on How to Mind Your Business

Minding my business is one of the many ways I love (and care for) myself. 2019 was the best year of the last decade for me. I couldn’t even believe that I’d be in the space I was in. Truth is I had to put in work, and a huge chunk of it centered on mindin’ ma gaddem bidness.

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My 2019 in one meme.

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What Ifs and What Nots (Wild, Weird Wonderings)

Do you know it is possible for one to hold progressive thoughts without being open-minded? Progressiveness and open-mindedness are mutually exclusive. E.g., being pro-LGBT+ rights does not mean one could be open to the idea of past-life regression. This was the case with me until recently. I have learnt how to bend my mind into “opening” it wide enough to entertain notions most people would deem bizarre. And these thoughts are funny!

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