Three Easy Steps to Conquering Procrastination

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Once upon a time, while journaling, I asked myself, “What is that thing I want to do less of and how do I make it happen?” “Procrastinating,” I wrote. And I came up with three easy ways to reduce its occurrence in my life. Here goes: Continue reading Three Easy Steps to Conquering Procrastination

Ten Tips on How to Mind Your Business

Minding my business is one of the many ways I love (and care for) myself. 2019 was the best year of the last decade for me. I couldn’t even believe that I’d be in the space I was in. Truth is I had to put in work, and a huge chunk of it centered on mindin’ ma gaddem bidness.

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My 2019 in one meme.

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What Ifs and What Nots (Wild, Weird Wonderings)

Do you know it is possible for one to hold progressive thoughts without being open-minded? Progressiveness and open-mindedness are mutually exclusive. E.g., being pro-LGBT+ rights does not mean one could be open to the idea of past-life regression. This was the case with me until recently. I have learnt how to bend my mind into “opening” it wide enough to entertain notions most people would deem bizarre. And these thoughts are funny!

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Why Humans Are Necrophiles

At times, we “fall in love” with a person, and in our eyes they can do no wrong. Soon, we have sex with them, and in the aftermath of the fuckery, the rose-tinted lenses through which we saw them fall off our eyes. We start seeing their true colours, they become unbearable to us, and two seconds later, we break up with them. It would seem as though the tea got spilled after we fucked it (whatever “it” is) out of our systems.

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Have you noticed how people get more love when they are dead? It is like death makes us see them in a new light. Why do we wait until people pass before we show them we appreciate them? Is it that we only love them dead? Continue reading Why Humans Are Necrophiles

Period Jokes (Are They Even Funny?)

If a woman made a period joke, I know I would laugh. It might not be so funny coming from a man. But from a woman? I’d go like:

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Siiissss! You play too much! Wey tew mach!

Because I feel a certain “camaraderie” based on us enduring painful things associated with periods, it makes it easier to laugh. It is almost a bonding experience for us. The same way we do not expect a white person to call a black person the N-word or a German making Holocaust jokes, is the same way I (personally) do not expect a man to make period jokes. Continue reading Period Jokes (Are They Even Funny?)

The Child Who Went Searching for a Soulmate…

Okay, this post is not even serious. The title probably looked profound. Tee-hee-hee! 

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Nothing is ever that serious, ya know?

The idea of this post is that we find our souls first. How do you go searching for a soulmate when you have not found your own soul? Charity begins at home. Continue reading The Child Who Went Searching for a Soulmate…