Adventures of Shade #4. “Sexist Sister”.

“Boys Don’t Cry” is not just a movie title. People walk around believing this. Why shouldn’t boys cry? Boys are human beings. Human beings are meant to cry when sad.

Cisi Eze Adventures of Shade
Adventures of Shade. “Sexist Sister”.

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Mishaps of Les and Dee #1

Well, well, well, well, well, see what my mind imagined!

Cisi Eze Mishaps of Les and Dee
Mishaps of Les and Dee

Someone at work said women are weak. He arrived at this conclusion based on the fact that “women are scared of rats and roaches”. Brilliant, huh?

A colleague of mine said she was going to bring a lizard to prank him to see if he would scream. Haha! She said she was going to bring a fucking lizard to work!  Continue reading “Mishaps of Les and Dee #1”


On Competition and Comparison

This is an opinion. Opinions are not facts.

Competing is like accepting your competition is better than you are and you feel a need to meet up. You use the person as a yardstick to measure your success. What happens when you meet up?

Good enough, you compete based on things you can influence.

Comparison is more toxic. In this case, you compare yourself with/to another person based on factors you cannot influence.

Adventures of Shade #3

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