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Everyday People

Different people react to different situations in different ways. When it comes to dreams, there are basically four different ways people react to them.

Group A: These people have dreams. But they are like, “this seems difficult. “ They dismiss their Continue reading


Life Roles

Come to think of it, life is like a movie. In a movie there are different roles namely:

The lead role
The supporting role
The waka pass
The stand-by
The see me-see me

The lead role is the most important character because the movie revolves around the lead role. Continue reading

Bisexuality and Belles

May 10, 2015…
I was thinking this morning. Why is it that women are now “digging” other women?
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On my first day at school, I met this dude in my class. He was cute! Fine dude. Tall. Lots of hair. Face hair melts my heart. I love dudes with hair! He had this macho thingy about him and I just wanted to do him. Yes. I would have done him if we had a room to ourselves. I’d just ride him across the milky way and back. Continue reading