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Types of Feminists According to Hogwarts Houses

Personally, I hate labels. If sexists do not tag themselves sexists, why should feminists tag themselves feminists? But it is what it is. We are going to call you a feminist if you are feministing – if you believe everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities regardless of sex and gender.

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Here are types of feminists according to Hogwarts Houses. I am working on the assumption you have read or watched “Harry Potter”.  Continue reading


When I Become an Agony Aunt for Queer Women

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The concept of being an agony aunt is delightful! Ah! Thinking of the bad advice I will dish out is making me tingly in the right, and wrong, places.

  1. Dear Cisi,

Ever since my hubby discovered I have a girlfriend, he has been threatening to ruin my life. I am pissed. What do I do? – Tricia.

Hi, Tricia!
Sweetheart, dead people can’t threaten you, because they can’t talk. Let your anger guide you, boo. Continue reading

Types of Lesbians

(Authors Note: Please, this is not a witch hunt. )

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Like vodka, lesbians come in different flavours. One day, it crossed my mind to write about different types of lesbians. This is a guide – yes, see it as a guide – to understand what you feel you should understand. Here goes: Continue reading

Types of People in a Facebook or Whatsapp Groupie

Ah! A social media groupie could be an awful delight – it is awful; it is delightful. You probably belong to one.  Different sorts of people make up a groupie. Here they are:

  1. The IDGAFs ( I Don’t Give A Fuck)

These are the people you call “ghosts”. They are like monitoring spirits. They are probably not reading the messages in the group. Or maybe they are, but they just do not give a flying fuck. The despicable fuckers!

Image result for gif of fuckers Continue reading

The Hustle of Studs, Stemmes, and Femmes (2): Studs

This one is for studs. (I heard the difference between “stud” and “butch” is race.) I assume you already know what it means to be stud or butch. Here are the hustles listed below.

  1. “I can’t draw gen. We’ll have to wait for her to come over.” Your girlfriend and other girl friends believe you are some sort of handyman. Just when you thought y’all were all women. Why is life so hard?
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    “I am scandalised!”

    Continue reading