Mishaps of Les and Dee #1

Well, well, well, well, well, see what my mind imagined!

Cisi Eze Mishaps of Les and Dee
Mishaps of Les and Dee

Someone at work said women are weak. He arrived at this conclusion based on the fact that “women are scared of rats and roaches”. Brilliant, huh?

A colleague of mine said she was going to bring a lizard to prank him to see if he would scream. Haha! She said she was going to bring a fucking lizard to work!  Continue reading “Mishaps of Les and Dee #1”


Slandering Men (2): Men are Wussies

I think I should make this a series on “Slandering Men”… Here is the first part. Yea, I’m just going to slander men. This is really libel, but I love “slander” – it rhymes with “scandal”.

Image result for image of weak black man

I’d have written “Men are Pussies”, but I remembered the “Power of the Pussy”. The pussy bleeds for like… err… sixty days in a year and it can being forth life. That is powerful, right?

(Takes a moment to bask in pussy power.)
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